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dossier n : a collection of papers containing detailed information about a particular person or subject (usually a person's record)

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  • /ˈdɒs.i.eɪ/, /"dQs.I.eI/


  1. A collection of papers, or other sources, containing detailed information about a particular person or subject, together with a synopsis of their content.


A collection of papers, or other sources




fr-noun m
  1. back (of a chair etc)
  2. dossier
  3. directory on a computer, see folder.
  4. An organizer that papers are kept in, usually with an index tab, to be stored as a single unit in a filing cabinet, see folder.

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A dossier is typically a briefing paper based on an individual of interest in police or intelligence circles. They generally contain a relevant biography, most current information on activities and any special information of interest to the agency, such as having training in various specialized fields i.e. (assassination techniques or money laundering contacts). When the target in question has retired or died, or is of no further interest, the dossier is generally filed away for reference. If the information contained inside, or the identity of the person is too sensitive, the dossier is destroyed along with all records of it.
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blank, chirograph, docket, document, file, form, holograph, instrument, legal document, legal instrument, legal paper, official document, paper, papers, parchment, personal file, roll, scrip, script, scroll, writ, writing
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